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Genossenschaft Halle/S. • eG
oldest taxi cooperative in Halle since 1930
Marketplace stopping place
Marketplace stopping place taxi (2016)

Taxi service Cab mediation

Jobs as taxi drivers

Call center Taxi Halle Germany

Friendly ladies at headquarters are always there for you. The center has proven this every day since its founding in 1930. Our cooperative keeps the technique with great commitment to date.

Stopping places for cabs

On 40 taxi stops in Halle day and night are waiting taxis to orders. All drivers getting usually via radio data from their Call center. On stopping place may be Passengers can also a taxi of their choice use. The taxi stopping place mains was developed in cooperation of the Board of taxi cooperative and the City Halle and expanded in recent years to the current state.

Taxi mediation

Ansicht Taxi center
Provision of transport orders for 210 vehicles

Taxi service day and night

Order immediately by phone:
+49 345 21 21 21 oder +49 345 52 52 52
→ we immediately send a taxi.

All Cabs have digital radio data connection (without annoying voice transmission)
Use our App for smartphone and other mobile phones

Tariffs Halle and Saalekreis

Tariffs in Halle and Saalekreis Go to tariff Regulation

Current online price calculator

Worth noting • Airport transfer • Taxi bus

Halle Cab services

Non smoking taxi

All Taxis are smoke free since 2007.

City tour
You want get to more know about our city? Give us a call - a friendly driver will show you our beautiful city and its attractions. The city halle has 232 705 inhabitants (City Halle on December 31, 2013).

Ambulance transports - Handycapped transports
A taxi drives you if you wish from and to your medical treatment and also back home. The also applies to permanent treatments such as dialysis or others permanent treatments. If you have a valid regulation for patient transport, you may afford the driver the statutory copayment. The settlement with the health insurance takes over the contracted taxi company. Please also see our Terms and Conditions.

Transfer from and to Airport
Without stress to the airport, easy parking, no parking fees, no baggage problems. Let the door reliably until hour check-in or the area Arrival / Departure

Flughafentransfer Leipzig-Halle
Airport Leipzig-Halle

Large Taxi to 8 passengers (minibus), please book in advance for more people.

Courier services • Remote drives
Deliver or pick up urgent shipment? ... Short of calling a car or van is sent. This immediately finishes the execution and across Europe.

Start help
Your car will not start? Call it immediately comes a taxi that is starting.

Auto-return service
Celebrated alcohol? Subscribe to our car return service. We will also take your own car home.

Transport of small animals

There is no obligation for transport of dogs and other small animals. The driver decides on their carriage.

Small animals and dogs are carried free of charge. Animals must be suitable the size and weight for transport. By a transportation security must in particular passengers, taxi driver and other road users (inside) are not endangered.

Guide dogs accompanying blind, must always be taken.